Rudraksha Pendant

Rudraksha Pendant


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According to Rudraksha Jabala Upanishad , Sage Bhusunda, also known as Sanat kumara, asks Kalagni Rudra, a destructive form of Shiva who is identified with Bhairava, about the origins of the Rudraksha and the benefits of wearing it. The god replies that for the destruction of the Tripura (three cities), he closed his eyes for a thousand years in meditation; tears from his eyes fell on earth, creating the Rudraksha.  The god says since they are born from Rudra’s eyes, they are called rudraksha (“rudra+eyes”). Wearing it is equated to wearing Bhasma (sacred ash).  The mere utterance of the word “Rudraksha” is said to bestow the merit of the donation of ten cows, and its sight and touch equals the charity of twenty cows.

Kalagni Rudra says that wearing rudraksha absolves all sins. Its sight equals the merit of a crore, its wearing yields a 100 crore, and wearing and doing japa has a lakh crore benefits.

Tri-mukhi Rudraksha is a very auspicious seed. It symbolizes the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara and also Agni, the Ruling Planet is Mars. It is said that accrued sins of the past life are effectively burnt and helps in increasing self confidence. Tri-mukhi Rudraksha is also worn for its medicinal values as it controls Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and also very effective against various diseases like stomach ailments, cancer, skin diseases, cholera, fever, eye defects, ulcer, cold, blood infection and swellings. It boosts energy levels and improves blood circulation.

How to wear it?

Always energize the Rudraksha before wearing it. It offers immense healing and benefits once it comes in contact with the skin of the wearer. It is recommended for wearing on Mondays for Physical Health, Knowledge and Divine Powers and its Mantra is: Om Kleem Namah / Om Namah Shivaaya Namah. Place the Rudraksha pendant in your puja altar after bathing it in milk followed by water and then sprinkle some haldi, kum kum, vibhuthi, akshat and flowers on the pendant. Turn around it an incense stick and keep it in the altar till you finish your puja. Later wear it around the neck. If possible worship the pendant on every Monday.

Who can wear a Tri-Mukhi Rudraksha ? 

TriMukhi Rudraksha can be worn by natives across all age groups & gender. For children its known for improving mental faculties by increasing their memory, focus & concentration power.

Why SGA’s Shiva Mukhi Rudraksha pendant?

It is obtained from the Sacred Rudraksha tree one among 500 plus divine trees sourced from sacred places like Nepal, Naimisaranya, Manasasarovar, Kalahasti, Kashi, & many other parts of the world.

Each tree @ SGA is consecrated with powerful Beejaksharas engraved yantra, which reverberates & emanates the energy that mitigates karmic or negative afflictions and there by promoting mental peace & spiritual upliftment.

Shiva Mukhi” is an original rudraksha capped in pure silver offered to you in Sai Geetha Ashram.

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